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What to Expect During My Workshops


I am available for in-person and online workshops, and have taught popular classes at Rolling Green Nursery, the New Hampshire Art Association, and Gardener's Supply Company. During my workshops, I will demonstrate how to use the cards and customize the selections for your individual garden sites. You will see how easy it is to find plants with the design cards to match the site conditions including sun/shade,  soil types, drainage, height and width for placement in the border, and more. As a group, you'll practice with the cards to design two gardens: one for sun and one for shade. In addition to showing how to “color block” plants through the garden, each deck includes color wheels for pastel or jewel-toned palettes for a successful eye-pleasing design. The results are always uniquely yours! 

No events at the moment

I have field tested each of the perennials and shrubs included in both decks: New England Perennials  Zones 3-8 and Native Perennials and Shrubs Zones 2-9. And, all general garden questions answered as time allows!

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